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花蓮海洋風情民宿Hualien Ocean style B & B~Newly opened in 2010

花蓮海洋風情民宿Hualien Ocean style B & B

Marine style vacation villa ... in 2010, opening a new

Ocean atmosphere presented to you in this environment, an abundance of natural
The most beautiful sky we painted a unique magical marine

The most comfortable room and friendly service equipment ‧‧ rich itinerary

The complexity and lead you away from the city came to this tide sunrise sunset winds mixed
Been to sea world believe that the young no longer mundane ..........
Hualien Ocean atmosphere open to stay B & B ~ ~ ~
Allows you to put aside the noise of the metropolitan area noisy ..........
Hear insects and birds can smell the freshest cleanest air .......
Leisure to enjoy a quiet cozy
Hualien Ocean style B & B style accommodation and strive to create - the humanities, arts, fine, culture, comfortable, relaxed feeling.
Hope that the unique magical marine, Dream Star, the virtual world, to become a classic ........ Hualien B & B B & B Hotel class provides you with a new selection of other general B & B ...........
             Marine style B & B B & B No. 820 county legal
         Dongxing Second Street, Hualien City, No. 86, Lane 28,
                     Reservations Hotline 0980775020
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